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Flash in the making

2009-11-19 14:53:05 by InTheBlue

So, i've decided to pull up my trousers and get to work on a new flash, all about the dangers of smoking. It will feature the "lovely" voice of daniel123297, along with the voice of one of my friends, and was written by a dear friend of mine. It is also being produced by JamaicanBacon, who i hope will not let me down. COMING SOON:


EDIT [20/11/09]: Not only did JamaicanBacon offer to produce it, he also recently took the job of creating the music, along with making the music for another game that i'm taking part in! ISN'T HE JUST AMAZING?

EDIT [23/11/09]: i can't believe it. I'm being forced to be the author, music-writer, producer AND director, as JamaicanBacon pulled out, unless he suddenly wants to re-join the groups. In other news, daniel123297 is taking over all the voices, as my other friend dropped out. A lot of people drop outta stuff these days, eh? My other friends are all behind me in this project, and that there is some parody stuff coming along (maybe), but still keeping with the main message: Smoking is baaaaaaaaad. And just for all of yous out there, I am officially becoming an AUDIO ARTIST. Bleh.

EDIT [25/11/09]: Coming along fine.

EDIT[13/1/10]: Woah. Not much new here.

EDIT[27/1/10]: Well it's done, and it's utter rubbish :D


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2009-11-24 12:12:25

Well,good luck with it.